It can't be denied that these 'Venuses' found popularity through their series of hot scenes

The following are the Korea stars that reached remarkable achievement thanks to their roles in 18+ films.

These actresses have to sacrifice very much when participating in these films. And instead, they seek much success and support from the audience.

Jo Yeo Jeong

Jo Yeo Jeong had to break up with her boyfriend for her "hot scenes" on film. However, she still doesn't hesitate to "undress" on the screen if it is necessary for the character.

Among the 18+ films she participated in, The Servant, Obsessive, Behind the Scenes ... are the audience's favorite. However, in these films her character encounters difficulties in love and suffering. The sacrifice for arts and talent earned her many awards of acting and being loved by audiences.

Jeon Do Yeon

Jeon Do Yeon with her role in The Secret Sunshine, The Maid ... are very successful because she owns true acting skill with the spirit of sacrifice for great arts.

That's why filmmakers always give an eye on Doyeon because of her excellent acting. Despite being married, she is still able to comfortably participate in 'hot' scenes thanks to the huge support from her husband and how dedicted he is to share with her any difficulties.

Kim Go Eun

"Goblin's Bride" Kim Go Eun is also labeled a forbidden child. Her role always leave many different emotions in the audience as a naive girl, longing for intense love.

Thanks to this role, she has become famous and  involved in many hit films such as Love Trap, Monster, Chinese Street ... Especially, the drama "Goblin" she joined recently has caused a stir all over Asia. The drama was even adapted into novels, photo books.

Kim Min Hee

Despite being scandalous when having an affair with director Hong Sang Soo but no one can deny the talent of Kim Min Hee. She has conquered both big and small screens with bold and unique roles.

Although she is a famous actress, she is still willing to take part in the filming to show off her body without resorting to stuntmen.

The series of movie Helpless, Emergency Couple, The Handmaiden"... have many hot scenes which she performed by herself. However, good acting, especially eye contact, helps her absorb more viewer's feelings.

Song Ji Hyo

When participating in the reality TV show Running Man, Song Ji Hyo receives much love from the audience. However, she used to take a lot of hot scenes with Jo In Sung in "A Frozen Flower". Because of this drama, many fans of Running Man speculated that because Jo In Sung was shy to see Song Ji Hyo, he always refused to come to Running Man despite receiving many invitations.

In addition, her role in the second part of "Sex is zero" in 2007 - humorous movie on school sex also conquered the hearts of the audience.

Sung Hyun Ah

The Korea 2nd runner-up in 1994 was very active in 18+ films such as Lover, Woman's Future, Evidence of Adultery" ... However, this venus only left an impression on viewers through hot scenes only.

In 2014, she entered into a prostitution scandal. Her career quickly descended. It isn't until 2016 that she was proved innocent. 

Lim Ji Yeon

Lim Ji Yeon plays a beautiful nurse who has an affair with a married man (Song Seung Hun) in the movie Obsession. Both actors have a lot of bold emotional scene that makes the audience blushed.

After her role in Obsession, Lim Ji Yeon immediately became a hot Korean actress and received many movie  nomination.

Bae Seul Ki

Bae Seul Ki has sacrifices a lot for this movie kind when she plays the assertive partner with a boss who is over 70.

Participating in two films, "The Dream Flower and The Youth School". "The Degradation of Ethics" she received many negative comments but it also helped her more well-known to the audience.

The end

Movies with hot scenes often gain attention from the viewers, but the actresses often have to deal with so different outcomes afterwards. 



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