ISAC - The stadium with more than just sport competitors

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 09-01-2018
(KPOPLINE) - This annual sports festival is considered the birthplace of many 'love stories' among idols, do you believe?

During the time appearing on Life Bar, Girl's Day Hyeri revealed a secret about Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC). This is where idols start exchanging and developing secret relationships. Each year, Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC) invites many popular idol groups to join the show, male and female idols gather here and they have never been closer to each other so long. "You can meet all kinds of people there" and idols also started to 'scan' for their matches.

Here are some random dates for each season of ISAC that Kpopline has discovered. Are you curious?

Mingyu and Jeonghan showed their affection for each other on the show, which in fact is just a hug between brothers.

Fans caught the private date of Chanyeol with a member of another group. Chanyeol took him to a corner and held his hand?!

That boy turned out to be Jimin (BTS). The friendship between EXO and BTS is not strange anymore right?

ISAC 2017 is truly the love home of V-Min shippers!

They keep clinging to each other, taking selfies with each other...

Look how Jungkook plays when he's not competing

ISAC - The great place to show supports for GOTBang (GOT7 + Bangtan)

And this is also where the 97line converge.

Two friends who met each other in a toilet - V and Sungjae

The most embarrassing moments of Sehun when he confuses between Jeonghan (Seventeen) and Johnny (NCT 127).

This is the ideal place for dating between idol groups.

Yeri (Red Velvet) and Chaeyoung (TWICE).

Nayeon and Seulgi also paired up as well as other members.

SinB (G-Friend) and Eunseo (WSJN), no one thought that they would be so close. Certainly only thanks to ISAC.


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