Is SM going on a new move by switching NCT 127 and NCT Dream's concept?

Nguyễn Ngọc Anh, 14-03-2018
Fans seemed to realize NCT 127 is no more wearing 'weird' outfits and NCT Dream is really growing up too fast!

NCT 127 will be next up for "NCT 2018 Empathy" with new title track "Touch". This upcoming album marks NCT's first comeback with all 18 members. Their title track and full album will be released on March 14. Apart from "Touch", will also include songs from NCT U "BOSS", "Baby Don't Stop" and NCT Dream "GO". 

NCT 127 has 'dropped' their new MV teaser for "TOUCH" on March 13 at midnight SKT. Their agency SM Entertainment also unveils another member images for "TOUCH" and as expected, NCTZen was really over the moon!

NCT 127 "TOUCH" MV Teaser

NCTZen was extremely surprised because of the contrastion between their old-and-new concept. No more frizzy hair, oversided sleeves, combat boots and "sicheng's fur coat" in Fire Truck, Cherry Bomb, Limitless, NCT 127 will blow your mind with a whole brand new style: Truly urban guys, more elegant with a sweeter look. As we expected, NCT 127 will face a BOOM situation in their career, like a big 'cherry bomb'.

Another MV teaser "JUMP TO TOUCH" - NCT 127

 From cool look...

... switch to "boy next door' concept

NCT Dream is set to make their first comeback stage "GO" at M! Countdown on March 8. Following their recent release, this new single shows the whole new different side to NCT Dream, as they run through the street in neon sportwears. 

Meanwhile NCT Dream switch their old fresh and young concept...

to this kind of growing-up concept

"GO" MV - NCT Dream

NCTZen just find out this different concept for fun so don't take it serious and don't forget to looking forward to "NCT 2018 EMPATHY" on March 14 with all 18 members!

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