Inspite of many years performing in front of huge crowds, these idols still cannot hide their shyness!

LinhLuong, 13-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Even though they get accustomed to the stage, if they are being teased or have to do aegyos, they won't be able to hide their embarassment.

Sehun (EXO)

As EXO's maknae, Sehun couldn't escape the shy moments. He always show fans his cold looks, but Sehun used to be shy a lot in the past. This situation has been improved much now...

Oh Sehun was embarrassed to do heart-sign with the fans even though he performed in front of thousands of people many times.

He is shy when receiving Seung Ri's unexpected hug

Of course he's shy when a girl makes eye-contact with him

The first days being an idol, Sehun still feels embarassed to make poses in front of the cameras

Yong Guk (JBJ)

Yong Guk was once extremely shy and don't feel confident to himself.

But perhaps due to the clear vocals and lovely honest character, lots of fans have given their support and love for him

Although he had debuted with JBJ, Yongguk was embarrassed about seeing his own ads like this

Xia Junsu (JYJ)

Junsu is famous for his golden voice among Kpop world, which also makes him the ideal artist in many singers' eyes. Junsu is always misunderstood as the maknae member of DBSK because of his cute face and voice.

On the stage he always act cool but sometimes he was extremely shy and hid his face like this.

When he takes photo,he is still embarrassed

Junsu tried the trend "Shy shy shy", but he immediately feels embarassed.

Even though he's already in his 30s, Xia Junsu is still the 'sweetie pie' of Cassiopeia

Jihoon (Wanna One)

Jihoon is loved by his adorable appearance, he created the phenomenon which makes everyone fell in love, but he still finds it awkward and embarassed when doing aegyos.

He was embarrassed in the early days of Produce 101

When Park Jihoon's catchphrase appeared, he was embarrassed

There's nothing to be ashamed of!

He is also embarassed for Jisung when his brother happily danced to the stage

Jimin (BTS)

Park Jimin always act so cool on the stage with sharp dance moves, attracting many fangirls by the flexible steps of contemporary dance. But normally Park Jimin is always a shy boy.

 Jimin is always the subject of his brothers' jokes

Even on the television, he is still like a fish out of water.

Because he is so easily shy, even fans often tease him.

Who would think that he has been showing off his abs on the stage since his debut?

When he was complimented on his visual, he started to feel embarassed.

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