In the midst of digital music, why do K-Pop fans keep spending even a large amount of money to buy idols' albums?

tphuong, 10-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - There is a question that why Kpop fans still spend even a huge amount of money to buy idols' albums while downloading music from the Internet is cheaper and more convenient.

From buying and downloading whole albums to purchasing single songs, the convenience of the digital marketplace has long replaced the CD for many years. However, it seems that Kpop fans are not only still buying amounts of CDs, but also multiple copies of the same albums at the cost of obscene amounts of money. Why?! 

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The modern emergence of a digital world has undeniably changed the way we buy and use content. This development is perhaps most easily identifiable in how we buy and listen to music. 

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However, after learning that many middle and high school students have been buying multiple copies of the same CDs (some even up to 50 copies of the same album and spending approximately $714 USD). 

As explained by the fans, they bought not to listen, nor even to open the CDs. They bought so many CDs, for other reasons: 

Different covers

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Some Kpop groups released the same album with different covers, which makes fans feel the need to purchase more CDs so they can have all the covers of their favorite group.

Many fans even admit to never listen to the albums they buy. Just because they want to have all versions of their favorite artist’s merchandise, they purchase them all.

Supports the artists

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Buying albums is a way to show support to the artist, especially K-pop groups. Award shows often look at album sales to choose winners for certain awards. Album sales also indicate the success and popularity of a group. Music charts such as Billboards and Gaon also record album sales. 

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The goods that come with the albums

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Unlike most American/Western albums, Kpop albums are actually a package deal. When you buy albums, you often get a bunch of exclusive goods such as photo books, photo cards, posters, and of course, the CD itself. 

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A lot of goods attached to the album

Fan signing events

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When a popular idol group releases an album, fans can purchase the group’s album from a designated store to get entered into a raffle. Fans will purchase multiple copies of the same album to increase their chances of getting into their favorite groups’ fan signing events.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fansign got7 with fans


Regardless of how much money this tactic might cost them, many fans are still willing to do so in order to increase their chance of getting in…even though they will only get to interact with their favorite idol for a minute or two at most.

Fansign is the place full of moments between idols and fans

Buying albums of idols is just a sentimental and personal way to show dedication to a group’s music. Besides going to a concert or a show, buying a group’s album is the best and the most sincere way fans can show support and love for their favorite idols.



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