IGOT7 accuses Woollim of plagiarizing GOT7's album design for Golden Child

PV, 08-07-2018
IGOT7 accused Golden Child's album concept of being too similar to GOT7's album concept.

Two years ago, GOT7 had released 'Flight Log: Turbulence' and the album was carrier themed to match their entire concept. Fans were shocked when they say Golden Child's 'Goldenness' album packaging, as fans believed it was all too similar to the 'Flight Log: Turbulence' packaging.

Golden Child album packaging (top) vs GOT7 album packaging (bottom) 

Both Golden Child (top) and GOT7 (bottom) albums came with stickers to decorate the carriers

A comparison of Golden Child (top) and GOT7 (bottom) albums after the stickers are placed:

A side-by-side comparison of GOT7 (left) and Golden Child (right) albums, both with and without stickers

Plane ticket themed photocards in the album for Golden Child (top) and GOT7 (bottom)

CD design for Golden Child (top) and GOT7 (bottom)

Many IGOT7 believed that everything added up to be too similar between the two albums, and that Woollim Entertainment had blatantly copied GOT7's album. IGOT7 emphasized that they were not blaming Golden Child or their fans, and that they were seeking answers from the label. Accordingly, the hashtag trended was "#Woollim_Explain_AlbumDesignConcept" and did not mention either Golden Child or fans.Netizens seem to agree that the two albums indeed are quite similar. Top comments include, "It's just a carbon copy. I was gonna just pass this but it's just too similar..", "Isn't this way too similar?", and other similar comments.What do you think of the accusations?


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