If you want something to motivate your life, these meaningful quotes from idols might help a lot!

Nhi Bui, 16-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) – Meaningful quotes from idols not only inspire themselves but also their fans to follow their dreams.  

Success in every field of life never comes to you on its own. You have to strive hard to get to it, so do Kpop idols. They have to train hard to overcome hardship and get success.

Here are meaningful quotes from Kpop idols which become motivations for their fans

1. Zico- Block B

Zico is a talented rapper and songwriter – who made many hits for Block B. To achieve success, he experienced many difficulties.

On a TV show when fans confessed: "I cannot tell my parents about my dream because it is not stable." Zico immediately reassured the fans with his experiences. "In my opinion, all jobs in life are not stable too. Accepting the challenge or not depends on you.”

2. Lee Seung Hoon –WINNER

This talented rapper and dancer of WINNER received a lot of negative comments about his dancing skills before debuting with WINNER.

His quote is: “I was born with nothing special; my only weapon are my determination and hardwork

3. Kai –EXO

Kai gave his fans advice by saying: “If you do not study well, do not ever think to be our fans. EXO now can mean the world to you but after few years later, you will regret about it. You are about to last year student in high school, this is probably the most important time of your life, so focus on studying instead. Let’s meet again in the future, when you have become someone we can be proud of.

4. V – BTS

V(BTS) once said: “Do not let yourself be stuck in someone else's dream." This statement is like a motivation for fans chasing their dreams."

5. Bobby – iKON

Bobby answered a question at an interview: “I thought the phrase “reaching the peak" is inherently vague. The top of the sky is the sky, there is a vast universe above the sky, and there is something above the universe. I always want to go beyond the sky and the universe. "

He wanted to remind his fans to try their best to reach dreams.  

6. Jonghyun- SHINee

Jonghyun said: “Cry out loud once, and look at the mirror and shake it off. I used to cry like that, others would have time like that too. Be strong, you are not alone."

Never hide your true feeling, just express it. 

7. Amber - F(x)

Since debut, she has been criticized because of her “tomboy” appearance. By her strength, she said to herself:”Beautiful means accepting yourself." It took me a long time to be able to confidently say that “Never mind, I just wanted to be myself.

Which quotes do you like the most?



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