If you notice closely enough, you'll see these boys are always the one who raise their voice first in a song!

Hoàng Thị Linh, 17-06-2018
A group often has lots of members and here are the idols who got 9 out of 10 times opening the performance.


G-Dragon (Big Bang)

“Fantastic Baby” MV


Anyone who supports Big bang, they all know about their talented leader G-Dragon. He takes part in producing most of Big Bang’s albums so that is there anyone can lead and transfer the feeling better than him? We contemporarily forget about how well-known he is and how many fans he gets, just in field of rapping and singing with cool and fantastic appearance on stage, YG completely gives the duty of opening to him.

Baekhyun (EXO)

“Overdose” MV

“Lotto” MV

It is not really hard to realize that Baekhyun is always the first one raising his voice in all EXO theme songs. He even takes duty to open when EXO-CBX debuted with “Hey mama”. Certainly, he cannot make EXO-L disappointed. Baekhyun is the main vocal, possessing a great amount of fan listed in the top of idols who have the most crowded supporters. He is talented and good enough to have a perfect opening.


“Run” MV

“Danger” MV

In the very first period of debut, BTS concentrates much on Hip Hop style with mostly rapping. It is easy to see that leader RM, main rapper, constantly opens their performance for years. However, they have got an extraordinary change in their image and musical style as well. Rapping part is reduced to make the song become more gentle and emotional. This position is also successively transferred to the other members.

Sunggyu (Infinite)

“Bad” MV

The Chaser” MV

Sunggyu is one of the most unique Kpop talents. He often participates in TV shows, popularizes Infinite’s reputation and he also  gets strong and great voice. As a main vocal with ‘fantastic live voice’, he always takes on the duty of opening on stage.

Moonbin (Astro)

“Baby”- ASTRO

“Hide and Seek”

Moonbin, a 20 year-old boy, owning a handsome appearance even keeps ‘ double role’ as lead vocal and dancer, He meets all the demand of beauty and quality. It is undoubted that he always opens the performance.

Sungjae (BTOB)

“Remember that”

“It’s ok” MV

Before acting, maknae Yook Sungjae is the one to open BTOB’s shows. With a strong and sweet voice adding his attractive appearance, his great height and good acting skill, it is not hard to explain why he is always chosen to open the performances.

B.I (iKON)

“Bling Bling” MV

“Love Scenario” MV

YG is always in the centre of critical storms because of giving so much favour to leader B.I that iKON is considered as “the boy group of B.I, Bobby and his friends”. Fans might agree that B.I is a leader, producerwhen he has overflowing talents and good appearance but they need to share and grant other members opportunity to shine on stage. Because after all, there is no group being able to exist when they have only one prominent member.


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