If you go to Korea, you must definitely visit the restaurants where idols usually arrives

LinhLuong, 06-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - The opportunity to meet idols in these places is really high because they can appear several times a month!

These idols are also fond of eating delicious food like many people in the world. Of course, they also frequent some delicious restaurants. If fans go there, fans will have opportunity to eat and meet their idols.

Song Joong Ki - Yimonae Shikdang

Song Joong Ki often goes to this restaurant before he makes it become famous. Here, grilled fish and spicy pork are enjoyed by many people.

The restaurant owner even affirmed that she was very close to charming prince of ''Descendant of The Sun''," and showed off their photos when the restaurant was aired on KBS's "Battle Trip."

Heechul (SUper Junior) - Solbin Superdog

Fans often catch sight of Heechul holding a hotdog with a variety of topping specialties only available at the store.

He is so bewitched that he takes this place as gathering friends and even enthusiastic to suggest the audience on the program "Olive's Tasty Road".

2PM - Saerona Curry Chicken

This Japanese-inspired restaurant in Korea is a favorite place for 2PM members and the boys often visit to enjoy delicious chicken dishes.

The most famous dish is the fried chicken curry. This is the place where many Japanese fans visit when they travel to Seoul.

Yoo Ah In - Bada Shikdang

Yoo Ah In was one of the celebrities who was fond of eating hot spicy sausage soup, which made many people crave in Seoul restaurant.

If you come here, not only Yoo Ah In, Kpop fans can also meet many other idols who are having dinner together at this little restaurant.

Jay Park - Cirilo Taco

Many people are no strangers to the immortal love of Jay Park for Taco. But few people knows this guy is "addicted"  to tacos in a restaurant called Cirilo.

Actually, the owner of this restaurant started out with a tiny food truck, and unexpectedly the business could be so good that it became the Mexican restaurant that Jay Park and many others loved.

G-Dragon - Samsung Wonjo Yang Gopchang

Big Bang leader, G-Dragon enjoys going to this restaurant. 

He was even encountered by others when he and the beautiful Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko to have dinner together.

Big Bang - Joseon Hwaro Gui

 G-Dragon was enlisted but it's okay because Big Bang members have another gathering place that fans can visit to try their luck.

The members love to eat barbecue at this small restaurant. Many times, after performing, they will come here to enjoy a hearty meal.



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