If you are a real K-dramaholic, you'll definitely realize these 6 typical features of the male lead style!

The Hien Luong, 14-05-2018
Amazing styled hair, using eyeliner are noticeable features of the male lead characters in any Korean drama.


The outstanding feature of actors in Korean dramas is the perfect appearance in any situation. The male lead often has a fancy hairstyle.

Whether they go to work or just wake up, the hair of the characters is very glamorous, and they always keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Eyeliners and foundation creams are used frequently

In Korean culture, man using makeup isn't rare. You won't be surprised to see the male leads using eyeliner, the foundation cream frequently.

Yoo Seung Ho revealed his lips with lipsticks a bit much in a drama's scene.

Long jacket

Fancy outfits is always an attractive factor in every Korean drama. For the past few years, the masculine and strong image has been very popular. Long jackets are favourite items of actors.

Men with tall figures are very suitable for this type of costume.


Referring to the guys wearing glasses, people often think of nerds with thick glasses and unfashionable. This isn't true in Korean dramas. Actors look much more handsome when they wear fashionable and suitable glasses.

Sometimes, glasses become fashion accessories that make the outfit much better.


Wearing suit with a backpack is a new trend that Kim Soo Hyun successfully promoted in "My Love from the Star". This item makes his character become more active and close to the real life.


If you think that boys often don't like to wear scarves because they are so entangled, watch Korean dramas and you will realize that the characters treat them as a very necessary item in the cold. They always choose the color and design that match the overall costume.

Source: Ione.vnexpress.net


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