If comparing new generation beauties with their seniors aka Goddesses, who looks prettier?

SGshinbu, 12-06-2018
Son Ye Jin, Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun are all beautiful and talented actresses. What about their hoobaes?

Son Ye Jin and Suzy

Two generations of "the national first loves"

Before Suzy, the title of "the nation's first love belonged to Son Ye Jin. The actress is famous for her pure and sweet beauty in A classic (2003) and A Moment to Remember (2004) movies. 

Son Ye Jin is 10 years older than Suzy but she still has that gorgeous look. After debut, Suzy also impressed the viewers with a number of dramas like Dream High, Uncontrollably Fond, While you're sleeping.

About Son Ye Jin, she is still beautiful at the age of 36. She never disappointed the viewers with her acting talent. Some of her famous dramas are The last Prince, Summer Scent...

Ji Yeon (T-ara) and Kim Tae Hee

Ji Yeon is called as "little Kim Tae Hee" because she looks so much like actress Kim Tae Hee. 

Before T-ara's scandal in July, 2012, Ji Yeon was considered as one of the goddesses in Korea thanks to her small and pretty face. She also appeared on a lot of dramas like Dream High2, My runaway, including two horror movies Soul and Death Bell 2. 

At the moment, she doesn't have any plans to return to small screen but focusing on promotion activities with T-ara. 

Kim Tae Hee from the past has always been on the list of beauties in Korea. From an ostracized role in Stairway to Heaven to a student in Harvard's Love Story, viewers had to admit: "Kim Tae Hee is so beautiful!"However, her acting skill still receives a lot of negative comments. 

Kim Tae Hee is having a happy time with her husband Bi (Rain). 

Kim Do Yeon and Jun Ji Hyun

Kim Do Yeon is a new name to viewers. She took part in Produce 101 and debuted with I.O.I. Thanks to mischievous appearance, she is called as "Little Jun Ji Hyun". 

With a perfect height and nice fashion gout, she often appears on magazines as models cover. For acting, she just starred in a short web drama with Kang Tae Oh.

Jun Ji Hyun has always been a promosing actress since the 2000s. Time doesn't make Jun Ji Hyun get older, but helps her prove acting talents. Assassination and The Thieves movies were become hit and sold out of tickets at the cinemas.While her dramas You came from the star and the legend of the blue sea received supports from fans throughout Asia. 

Jun Ji Hyun in a scene of Assassination.


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