Idols who made fans fear of their glaring eyes

LinhLuong, 14-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Small tip: Be aware, cause these boys might be glaring at you like this.

Fans always cherish every moment and expressions of idols. Sadness, happiness, crying and laughing, more and more, each one becomes a great memory to fans. Among those, we can't miss out on the times idols glare at fans without any reasons. 

Big Bang

Daesung was so shocked that he rolled his eyes 'dramatically'.

When Seungri was too deep into the beat.

We can't forget about the manly rapper of Big Bang, T.O.P. He sometimes likes glaring at the opposite person.

 T.O.P rolled his eyes with anger, making fans burst out laughing.

Super Junior

Fans always falls in love with the gentle and sweet Lee Teuk, but sometimes he even trolled himself like this.

Choi Siwon is also the center of attention. His eyes are almost about to 'pop out'.


Don't let Changsub get angry! He has a ''weird" facial expression, causing fans to laugh.

He also shows off his image on Instagram. If one day, you feel bored, you should go to Changsub's instagram, you will see many interesting things

Sometimes, he looks quite lovely!

Changsub is known as the guy who has the most lively facial expression among Kpop idols.


"Goddess" Yoona is always so funny like this!

Sooyoung's eyes made people really scared

Seems that this has become her habit to glare at fans

And this 'virus' has been transfered to Sunny


Queen of fancam Hani with her weird personality.

No one can understand why she had to roll her eyes when she was just raising her hands.

Looking at Hyeri, making fans shocked.


Jimin is showing off his big eyes

If you call Jungkook "Oppa", he will glare at you like this!

This baby is really easy to get fussy!

But he is still so lovable

Jungshook became the exclusive name for Jungkook. He is so cute....

But the one who made fans most startled is definitely Taehyung.

His facial expression made fans burst out laughing

This scene was supposed to be really touching but when the fans saw V rolling his eyes, they can't help laughing.



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