Idols who can cook as professional chef, Jin (BTS) cannot being out of this list!

Vũ Thảo Phương, 11-05-2018
Let's see if your idol is on this list! Each of them definitely can become a chef if not being an idol.

When it mentions to idols in the kitchen, most of us usually imagine they'll cook noodles or some simple dishes. Actually, Kpop idols are so busy with activities and promotions that they rarely have time to prepare their meals properly. However, there are exceptions. A few Kpop idols are really good at cooking and many times they make fans and other members have to praise for their attractive dishes. 

Jin (BTS)

Because of his great passion for eating, Jin has learned to cook since a long time ago. He regularly prepares meals for himself and his teammates. Jin is so passionate about food that he has a program for himself, called "Eat Jin". Even though he admited that cooking is just his hobby, Jin has the potential to become a professional chef. 


If you've seen Seventeen's "One Fine Day", you probably anticipated that Mingyu would be on this list. He constantly demonstrates his cooking skills on reality TV shows. Let's see how Mingyu transforms snacks from a convenience store into a delicious lunch. You will probably want to have a good boyfriend like this and he will take care of you on busy days. 

Fei (miss A)

The viewers realized Fei's talent when she participated in the show "Master Chef Korea Celebrity". Even culinary experts admired her ability.

Wendy (Red Velvet)

All fans of Red Velvet know that Wendy has talent of making cake. All of her cakes are as sweet as her personality. And of course, many male fans wish to be boyfriend of this pretty girl. 

D.O. (EXO)

Having shown off his cooking skills on "EXO Showtime", D.O is probably the best chef among EXO's boys. He shares that he loves cooking but is not confident about his ability. However, the EXO-L will agree that D.O's skill is very great and this guy should continue to promote it.

Soyou (SISTAR)

Thanks to quality and balanced meals, it's no surprise that Soyou have a standard body. Soyou says that she considers self-cooking as the best way to take care of herself. Who wants to enjoy the dishes prepared by Soyou?


Do not know what Henry cannot do? Not only did Henry impress others with his excellent music talent and proficiency in many foreign languages, he also made fans admire because of his cooking talent. Take a look at Henry's professionally use of pan as a chef at a 5-star restaurant and you will understand. 

Taeyong (NCT)

It is reasonable that Taeyong is called "mother" in the group. If Taeyong does not cook for NCT Dreams, who will do it? Despite losing to his team-mate Jaehyun in the K-food edition of "NCT Life", Taeyong has received countless praises from fans for his excellent cooking skills.

YoonA (SNSD)

YoonA is the girl who loves cooking the most among SNSD members. When attending food shows on television, YoonA has the opportunity to show her cooking skills as well as her friendly and lovely personality. 

Kim JaeJoong (JYJ)

When seeing Kim Jaejoong preparing a meal for Park Yoochun, fans were crazy because of the bond between these two idols. Undoubtedly, Jaejoong is the ideal boyfriend of every girl. 

Amber (f(x))

Although just starting to learn cooking recently, Amber shows that she has the potential to be an excellent cook. In the video, Amber went to a restaurant and learnt how to make meatball - Mexican food


Jota was chosen by MADTOWN as the best cook in the group. Although Jota had failed with a strange formula, other members insisted that his other food was really great.

Bitto (UP10TION)

Although all members of UP10TION say that no one in the group is a good chef, they still believe that Bitto is the best man in the kitchen. Equipped with basic knowledge of culinary and sensational taste, so just try a little more  and Bitto can become a skilled chef. 


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