Idols prove that it's not important what you do, but your expressions decide everything!

SGshinbu, 10-06-2018
These Kpop idols aren't afraid of doing something hilarious, cause their amazing mien will save them.

Heechul is prettier than other girls

"Universe star" Heechul successfully transformed into beautiful Elsa, making many girls and boys go crazy. 

 Though he covered almost his face with a Hijab, but he still had the look of a rich man. 

Staying still and shooting hearts to fans, he totally won girls' hearts. 

There is something wrong with J-Hope's pink outfit and his swag, but who cares? He still looked cool as usual.  

When you own the most handsome face in the world but don't know how to use it in the right way. V still has 10 points for his unique mien in this photo. 

Let our "Golden maknae" show off his style

Jaehwan was trying to be cool with that cute wollen cap

How do I look?

Where was your cool image, Suga?

Your facial expression will decide everything

Sometimes, you can still look smart even with that funny pose. 

Was Suho funny? He left deep impression on fans' hearts with these impressive moments. 

Chanyeol and his paper flowers

Trying to be cool to have perfect pose

Ong Seung Woo and again his unique pose on red carpet

Be cool. Be fabulous

It doesn't matter how handsome you are, your expression will make you stand out

Who can compete with BTOB in term of unique poses?


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