Idols' original skin battle between international fans and Korean fansite

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 12-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Both sides have their own reasons, so where is idols' original skin without makeup?

Although this is still happening quietly between international fans and fansites, it has recently been happened and caused a lot of controversy in fandom. The story begins when international fans request Korean fansite that they shouldn't edit idols' photos too much. Masters of fansite, who is responsible for taking and editing photos of idols, also asserts that they don't change idols' skin color. Recently, Korean fan community also expose fake photos taken by international fans to prove idols' original skin. Specifically, post of Korean fans as follows:

1. International fans take their original photos, edit a little bit darker tone.

2. They say that when an idol sits under yellow light, their original skin is revealed.

3. They create some before and after comparisons with over-editted photos and confirm that these photos are original ones.

4. Each time they see a preview or a darker photo, they say that it's an original photo.

5. International fans mock K-fansites that these photos were whitewashed too much so they can't recognize their idols.

6.  Every time a member talks about skin color, an international fans say these sentences like:

"Want to go lighten your skin later? "You're really black!", Such comments are for Kai's skin, but why?"

"Kim Taehyung - a lovely 4D member of BTS owns a lot of things than his look, his funny acts and his skin color."

This post receives a lot of sympathetic comments from Korean fans and they think that international fans are overdoing:

- "I just want them to come to Korea and see by themselves. Koreans are already very white"

- "The way they choose colors for idols is contemptible. In Korea, it is very rare for someone to own a black skin."

- "However I also understand that sometimes fansite edits skin color quite a lot ... I just want idols to look natural, but in the end they are like peking opera artists.

Peking opera artists.

- "If you look at photos of Xiumin, Taemin or Sehun taken by journalist, you will realize how white they are ..."

Some photos which haven't been edited:

Sehun (EXO)

Jungkook (BTS)

Taemin (SHINee)

Which one you think is original skin color of Kpop idols?

(Source: Pann-choa)

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