How much BTS have spent for their airport fashion on the road to BBMAs?

Vũ Thảo Phương, 15-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Once again BTS boys turn the airport into a unique catwalk show!

On May 14th, BTS boys appeared at the airport to depart from Seoul to LA - United States to attend the prestigious music awards ceremony Billboard Music Awards 2018. Their appearances attracted a huge amount of press journalists and fans. 

This is the second time BTS attend this big music awards, perhaps that's why they showed more confidence than the first one. Their appearances have become a hot topic, but the unique and fashionable airport style of the members even gains more attention..

Their style of clothing is showing the individuality and beauty of each member, and of course the cost of these outfits are not "average" at all.


RM is young and cool with the set are from VISVIM brand, in which the most prominent are: 

- Social Sculpture Damaged Jeans: $ 1158

- Virgil Folk Boots: $ 1095

- Teton tote Bag: $ 2026

- Viator Scout Wellington sunglasses: $ 356

- Antique Beads Limited necklace: $ 1509


J-hope is probably the "highlight" at the airport because of his special outfit with unique hip hop style. J-hope's set includes: 

- French Terry pants of A-cold-wall: $ 350

- Balenciaga "Power of Dreams" Patch Shirt: $ 950

- Fenty Cleared Creeper shoes of Puma: $ 176

In addition, j-hope's unique tote bag is priced at $ 250 from A-cold-wall. Inside the bag he also has a lot of expensive toys and accessories such as Chanel pin, Balenciaga key chain, Fendi key strap .... 


Jimin is fashionable in a Text-embroidered Singl-cuff white shirt of Gucci worth $ 650

... with Luglion Tassel leather Loafer shoes worth $ 857 of the brand Christian Louboutin

The accessories are also selected carefully with Fake Me Lasker BSV sunglasses for $ 173

... with Saint Laurent's Black Canvas bag, worth $ 1154

... and a Vintage Logo Pendant chain worth $ 115 of brand Yves Saint Laurent.


Jin looks like a college student in Acne Studios' Pass Mid Blue cowboy jacket worth $ 407...

...mix with Puma's Fenty Cleated Creeper shoes cost $ 176


V is comfortable and stylish with the Gucci Hallucination print sweatshirt cost $ 1400

Le Marche Des Merveilles watch of the brand Gucci worth $ 1100.


Suga's simple outfit includes white shirt, trousers and Hermes Remo sandals price $ 1075

... and Saint Laurent's Duffle bag is priced at $ 2500


Jungkook is in the "ninja" style with Over Twofold Camo jacket of Ajobyajo worth $ 77


(Source: GOS)

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