"High Kick 2" kid stars in the pass and now: One receives full of praises, the other is strongly criticized!

tphuong, 14-06-2018
After 9 years since "High Kick 2", Jin Ji Hee and Seo Shin Ae have made many viewers startled by their appearance changes.

High Kick  2 is a continuation of the first part of the story, which tells the stories of everyday life in a humorous family. Each member has a different personality and way of life. Especially the second part left a deep impression in the hearts of the audiences thanks to the charming actings of two kid stars Jin Ji Hee and Seo Shin Ae. In the movie, Shin Ae is a little girl born in the countryside, following her sister to the city to find her father. Wandering, homeless, both sisters were lucky to be the maid of Mr. Soon Jae's family.

The two girls received a lot of love from the audiences. They are also two favorite kid stars.

The success of the drama brings the names of many actors closer to the audiences. In particular, the most recent attention focuses on the two child actresses Seo Shin Ae and Jin Ji Hee.

Seo Shin Ae

When she was a child, Shin Ae had a lot of audiences' love.

Cute Seo Shin Ae nowadays is more mature and feminine. The actress, who was born in 1998, regularly plays many roles in the dramas. Shin Ae played a minor role in the hit movie 2016 - Two World, Nightmare teacher and Solomon's Perjury, aired the same year.

Shin Ae's bright, mature and feminine image.

But recently, no one thought a 20-year-old girl can wear a "daring" dress when appearing on the red carpet of Busan Film Festival on October 12, 2017. Seo Shin Ae was top No. 1 on Naver that night, but it was not because netizens liked her change. Many people wonder what made her change so? Netizens have suggested that she should leave from the entertainment because she is so ugly.

The dress made Shin Ae received negative opinions.

Jin Ji Hee

Jin Ji Hee was born in 1999, she was filming at the age of 3 with the role in hit drama Yellow Handkerchief. Despite not being as pretty as the friends of the same time, she was still loved by great acting and lovely gestures. 

She impressed everyone by her natural acting style.

Being famous since young age, Jin Ji Hee soon faced many troubles. She wanted to quit acting career because of the anti-fan's bad comments: "After I participated in the High Kick, I received a lot of compliments. I also heard bad comments which said that I have the same characteristic as my role."

Hyeri role made Ji Hee received many bad comments

Actually, Ji Hee is more beautiful and feminine than her character in High Kick 2. In contrast to Hyeri's image, Jin Ji Hee is more outgoing and kind. Owning cute face with bright smile, Ji Hee looks like an idol.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 진지희 18 학번

Ji Hee is a kind girl with a sweet image

Her image in Seonam Girls High School Investigators also left a lot of impression on the audiences

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 진지희


Since the role of Hyeri has become a big "shadow" so recently, Ji Hee's other roles are associated with the image of a school girl who has strong personality, but there is one thing we all know that Ji Hee's acting ability is increasing day by day. Jin Ji Hee also ignores the bad comments of netizens and continues to pursue her passion.

However, the friendship between these two girls is durable, they art still lovely and have an admirable relationship.

Seo Shin Ae and Jin Ji Hee meet each other in an awards ceremony.

source: thethaovanhoa.vn


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