Here’s why the new “Weekly Idol” MCs were the perfect choice

Hoang Anh Phuong, 08-04-2018
Get to know the Weekly Idol Season 2 MCs and find out why they are perfect for the job!

1. Yoo Seyoon

This gagman has hosted shows with several idol guests such as Non-Summit, SNL Korea, and Radio Star. 

He also creates comedic songs as part of hip-hop/comedy duo UV.

He’s got an extensive knowledge of the comedy and music world, so he’s sure to be awesome on Weekly Idol. Check out this hilarious yet extremely faithful performance of Sia’s “Chandelier” he did with Jo Kwon!

2. Kim Shin Young

Kim Shin Young is an award-winning comedian, MC, and DJ. She’s hosted numerous shows like Show Champion, Happy Together Season 3, and Invincible Youth. 

Her radio shows, Stop the Boring Time Radio (Shim Shim Tapa) and Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope, have been regular stops for idols while promoting their new releases.

She’s also appeared on Weekly Idol with Celeb Five, a group made up of gagwomen Shin Bong Sun, Song Eun Yi, Ahn Young Mi, and Kim Young Hee — so she’s pretty much a veteran in this field.

She’s so fired up that she even promised to shave her head if the viewership ratings go over 3%!

3. Lee Sang Min

This “knowing brother” is an idol producer and member of the iconic ’90s hip hop & dance group, Roo’Ra.

His knowledge of the inner workings of the entertainment and music industry will no doubt come into play!

G-Dragon’s career started as a member of Little Roo’Ra, which just goes to show how deep Sang Min’s roots are in the current music industry.

Lee Sang Min has gained prominence as a variety star over the last few years as a permanent member of The God of Music, The Genius, Knowing Bros, I Can See Your Voice 4, and more.

Sang Min’s strong presence in the South Korean music industry and his rising variety fame will make him an awesome MC for Weekly Idol.

The first preview of Season 2 with the new hosts has been revealed!

Many idols including members of Wanna One, APink, BTOB, SEVENTEEN, MAMAMOO, and more will participate in the huge event.

Source: Koreaboo


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