Here's the reason why these Kpop idols always have to wear contact lenses

Thanhng, 13-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Do you recognize that your favorite idols have myopia?

To own a perfect look on stages, many idols have to wear contact lenses to get clear and sparkling eyes naturally. However, fans might not know that those idols are short-sighted too. 

1. Kim Han Bin (iKON)

He had myopia since he was young. Everytime he wants to look far away, he has to pop his eyes up.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho kim hanbin ikon can't see

He needs to wink his eyes repeatedly while looking at something at a too far distance.

 During "WIN: Who is next?" survival show, he sometimes wore glasses too. 

He also screws up his eyes to see clearly

2. Jackson (GOT7)

If you are a fan of Jackson, you must know that he is short-sighted, but he never wears glasses. 

At a fan meeting, he needs to wear this glasses to see fans better. 

And contact lenses always are the best choices for him while performing on stages. 

He often squints his eyes while looking far away

He even couldn't see Luhan at a close distance while participating in Running man (Chinese version)

3. Yoona (SNSD)

Appearing as a beautiful girl in front of the public, not many people know that she had myopia during her high school time. 

4. D.O. (EXO)

The reason why D.O. always stares at other people because he is short-sighted. And he also couldn't wear contact lenses because they make him feel uncomfortable. 

Dont' get him wrong, he just tried to see something. 

And of course when he takes photos.

5. Jin (BTS)

Jin (BTS) should be given the title of Idol who looks best with glasses. He is more handsome with glasses, making fans' hearts skip a beat. 

Jin with glasses

And contact lenses make him look sexier

5. Jimin (BTS)

Another BTS member who also had myopia is Jimin. He is short-sighted since he was young, so he needs to wear contact lenses during his performances on stages. 

Jimin is short-sighted since he was young

He usually squints his eyes. 

6. Dahyun (Twice)

Dahyun (TWICE) is one of Kpop idols who have myopia so she often wears contact lenses. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho dahyun twice cận

Contact lenses are her must-have items



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