Here's the reason why the whole Korea calls Han Hyo Joo the Goddess with the most beautiful smile

LinhLuong, 14-03-2018
Beauty experts evaluated that the smile of the main actress from "Dong Yi" looks like very radiant.

Han Hyo Joo celebrates her 31st birthday on Feb 22th. On some forums, many fans share her glittering moments to help her keep the title of "The Most Beautiful Smile in Korea" for nearly 7 years.

Seven Dew Foundation launched the "Best Smiles" poll in Korea in June 2011. Han Hyo Joo ranked first with 34.3% of the votes, followed by Lee Byung Hun with 33.6%. Her image with bright smile spreads rapidly on the Korean media. The experts of Seven Dew commented, "Han Hyo Joo's smile is bright and radiant, and in the hearts of the fans, Han Hyo Joo's image is pure and positive."

In 2003, at the age of 16, she won a the beauty contest which was organized by the Binggrae Food Group. She was prominent thanks to the height of 170 cm, slender physique, radiant smile and talent. The contest brought Hyo Joo many opportunities, becoming a teen model, acting in MVs and started her career with Nonstop 5, Spring Session.

At the age of 20, Han Hyo Joo has become a 'phenomennon' with some hit movies and dramas like As Much As Heaven and Earth, The Iljimae Legend, The Brilliant Legacy, The Mailman from Heaven ... The characters that she played consistently have positive image, gaining the audience's sympathy. Her bright smile impressed the media and audiences in many Asian countries. Japanese idol group KAT-TUN has expressed a desire to meet Han Hyo Joo for being fascinated by her smile.

She shared on Daum, "Many people advised me to do cosmetic surgery my face, especially my eyes, but I like the natural beauty... I am satisfied with my appearance, even though it isn't perfect. I overcome that disadvantage by dressing and do my makeup appropriately.

According to Osen, Hyo Joo's image in the modern or ancient film becomes more attractive especially by her bright smile. "That's why she's been invited to star in many movies and TV shows. Hyo Joo is suitable to many kinds of roles of bright, optimistic character which are able to inspire viewers," Lee Byung Hoon shared.

In 2010, Korean media praised Hyo Joo for her ability to inspire positive living styles. A teenager suffering from cancer, after watching Dong Yi, he was really impressed by the optimism and varous smiles of the female lead. He resolved to live happily during his last days like his idol. After receiving the letter of the fan, Hyo Joo came to his home. When the young man died, she also visited and bid her farewell. His family then shared the story with everyone and thanked her.

On the big forums in Korea such as Naver, Daum, Nate or Pann, she frequently received praises. A netizen - Lee Seo Ji commented, "Her smile is so bright, just look at her smile, all the fatigue seems to disappear." "Hyo Joo's beauty isn't perfect like Kim Tae Hee or Song Hye Kyo, but her smile is radiant and attractive," Kang Sun Hyung said.

Not only fans, Hyo Joo also has many co-stars like Jo In Sung, Bae Soo Bin, Ji Jin Hee, Lee Kwang Soo, Jung Yoo Mi, So Ji Sub, Jun Ho (2PM), Lee Jung Jin .. have fondness for her. She was chosen as the favorite guest on Running Man. She has a huge fan base in Asia.

The actress who was born in 1987, smiling on a red carpet. According to Dispatch, many reporters like taking photos of Hyo Joo because she is really friendly.

For many years ago, she has been active in charity. During the Umbrella Angel Day charity campaign, in addition to donating to children suffering from severe illness, she also donated 10.04 million won (about 913944 USD) to the children. The number 1004 used in this campaign has a special meaning, pronounced like the word "angel" in Korean.


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