Here are the jobs BTS dreamed of having if they didn’t become singers

Hoang Anh Phuong, 04-06-2018
If they never ended up in BTS…

BTS recently guested on SBS 8pm News and talked about the occupations they dreamed of having if they didn’t become the worldwide stars they are today.

Jimin answered first, saying that he always wanted to become a policeman.

“Since I was in 9th grade, I was torn between doing 2 things. It was either become a policeman, or perform on stage. If there wasn’t as big of a chance for me to become a singer, my dream of becoming a policeman would have been even bigger.” — Jimin

V said he wanted to be just like his father, and continue with a hobby he  gave up after becoming a singer.

“I wanted to be someone just like my father. I also learned an instrument for a bit, I learned the saxophone for 3 years, but I haven’t practiced it for 8 years now. Maybe I would have become a saxophonist.” — V

J-Hope would have continued with his interest from elementary school.

“In my case, I’ve liked tennis since I was in elementary school, so maybe if I didn’t follow my dream to become a singer, I would be a tennis player. A really cool tennis player like Chung Hyeon.” — J-Hope

Suga didn’t join Big Hit Entertainment to be a singer originally, but if he wasn’t going to be a producer either, he would be an anchor.

“I originally entered Big Hit Entertainment as a producer. If I wasn’t going to be a producer either, I would be an anchor, for 8pm News. I would be sitting where you (the anchor) are right now.” — Suga

Watch BTS‘s entire segment on SBS 8pm News below:

Source: Koreaboo

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