Here are Kpop impressive physical album packagings which catch your attention from the very first second!

NA, 18-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Here are the best physical album packagings selected by Kpop fans.

Kpop is considered a colorful and magical land where you can find many beautiful girls and boys. Not also their looks are taken care of very well, there is also an impressed factor that draw so much attention from fans and even nonfans. It's physical album packaging

Kpop physical album packaging always look so impressed and creative 

1. Sing For You (EXO)

Sing For You is the fourth extended play by EXO released on December 10, 2015. This album's packaging is considered one of the best among other SM Entertainment artists' album packaging. There are total 9 versions with each EXO member and if you combine them together, you'll get a complete whale picture. Such a creative and beautiful packaging!

EXO's members turn into astronauts and the separating of the album in 9 versions is a smart step. Due to this, fans can collect their favorite versions and do the puzzle. 

SM Entertainment is deserved to be the god of concept 

2. Dream Girl - Misconceptions of You (SHINee)

Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You is the first part of the third full-length album by SHINee released on February 19, 2013. About its wonderful packaging, director of SM Entertainment's Visual and Art Directing department Min Hee-jin stated on the album artwork: "The album jacket shows the fantasies of the members. It has the members' own images and the ideal types they look for".

Totally impressed cover artwork by SM Entertainment

She added: "When we look for ideal types, we usually find someone who is similar to us or completely different from us. So when we search for our dream person, we are actually searching for another side of us." To put it another way, it'd be, "Who is me that I am looking for?

There are many hidden messages told by SHINee and if you search for them, you'll get a deeper insight of it

Dream Girl - Misconceptions of You by SHINee

3. Fate Number For (WINNER)

Fate Number For is the first single album by WINNER. It also marks the first comeback for the group as four members. 

For LA (left) and For Seoul (right)

Both of two version impressed fans and people by its simplicity and elegance. There is a rumour (unconfirmed) that the album's cover is the reference of number 4 - 4 members after the departure of former member Nam Taehyun in 2016. 


4. Cherry Bomb (NCT 127)

Cherry Bomb is the third extended play by NCT 127 and it was released on June 14, 2017. SM Entertainment was known very well for their packaging design and "Cherry Bomb" is not an exception.

"Cherry Bomb" packaging simulates a sweet and pink explosion. With a strange artwork and pink cherry theme color, "Cherry Bomb" had success in catching people's attention.

5. Wings - BTS

Wings is BTS's fourth overall album released on October 10, 2016. 

Let's see why "Wings" is considered one of BTS's best album design: "I really like the overall simplicity of how it looks with the monochrome color scheme. What I especially like about it is how we got to see the album cover form overtime bit-by-bit through each member's teaser video for their Wings comeback".

"I'd honestly love to have a t-shirt of this album art because it'd be one of those things where it just looks like a cool design for people who aren't aware of where it's from, but an ARMY/kpop fans would catch instantly" - said netizens 

6. 4 Walls (f(x))

4 Walls is f(x)'s fourth album released on October 27, 2015. It seems that after the departure of the former member Sulli, the group wanted to mark their special comeback with an album related to number 4.



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