Heartbreaking moments when idols talk about their mother in teary eyes

The early departure from moms somehow has made these idols emotional whenever they mention about this special person in their life.

1. Tzuyu cries when enjoying a dish from China

Tzuyu has used to participate in a culinary program, the chef made a dish with Chinese flavor which reminded her of her family. Tzuyu shed tears right on the television, she was touched when she recalled the memories with family. Tzuyu kept saying that these dishes made her miss her mother.

At the age of 14, Tzyuy has been living far away from home and moved to South Korea as a trainee. The Twice maknae has cried  when she missed her mother, making the audience moved.


(Clip Tzuyu crying when she missed her mother on television)

2. Tiffany cries as she thanks her late mother

Since Tiffany was a child, her mother passed away, she grew up in America with her father and siblings. When she joined SNSD, she was always interested in other members' mothers. On a TV show, Tiffany thanked her late mother: "I think I want to tell you something, this is the first time I mentioned my mother on a TV show. I want to thank you and God. "

3. Jackson cried when he met his mother on Christmas Day

Jackson is famous as a soulful person, who is attached to his family and being a really filial son.  In 2014, on a reality show, the director brought him a surprise gift. Jackson's parents flew to Korea to visit him on Christmas. The family had the opportunity to reunite after a long time. Jackson burst into tears when he saw his parents, which made the audience and members of the show moved, shedding tears.


4. Se Jeong cried when she thanked her mother for her first win on "Produce 101"

From a 'nugu' trainee, Se Jeong won over 100 other contestants, rising to the top of the weekly poll of the show. In her acceptance speech, Se Jeong couldn't hold back tears when referring to her mother.


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