Having been a couple, Lee Min Ho still has less romantic moments on screen with Park Min Young than these handsome guys!

tphuong, 13-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Not only "Vice President" Park Seo Joon, Park Min Young has many opportunities to "date" a lot of famous male celebrities on her drama projects.

Talking to the Korean beauties making the fangirls "jealous" the most, we have to mention Park Min Young. Owning outstanding beauty, stable acting, the main actress of What's wrong with secretary Kim has chance to work with many famous handsome actors. 

1. Kim Hye Sung

Kim Hye Sung is one of Park Min Young's first movie lovers. He played the role of her boyfriend in the first season of High kick 1 (2006-2007) when she was not a big star. However, after more than a decade, she has become a Hallyu celebrity while her co-star Kim Hye Sung has not had much success with acting.

2. Park Yoo Chun

After being rejected by Son Ye Jin, the female lead of Sungkyunkwan Scandal was handed over to Park Min Young and it became the turning point in her acting career. Her co-star that time was JYJ member Yoo Chun, besides Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki. "F4 Joseon" now is a big name in the field they are pursuing, however, Park Yoo Chun is struggling to regain his popularity after a series of scandals.

3. Lee Min Ho

2011 is a year of success with Park Min Young thanks to the hit City Hunter. Not only has the reputation improved, she had the time "dating" with Lee Min Ho, whích made the public jealous. However, the two of them soon broke up and then this love becomes regret for fans.

4. Song Seung Hun

Park Min Young and Song Seung Hun have been cast as lovers in the medical drama "Dr. Jin" (2012). Despite not leaving much impression, the couple also made waves up the scene for a rather hot scene in the movie.

5. Ji Chang Wook

At the end of 2014 - early 2015, the two made a fever with romantic scenes of love in the Healer. Many people hoped that Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook could be "true lovers", but so far they have been only close friends.

6. Yoo Seung Ho

Remember was the first television production of "national brother" Yoo Seung Ho after the demobilization. With ratings of up to 20.3%, this is one of the most successful films of the two main actors. However, it is unfortunate that even though it was so beautiful, Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young did not have the complete ending when the male lead lost his memory, including the memory of his girlfriend.

7. Yeon Woo Jin

In 2017, Park Min Young returned to the drama the "Seven Day of Queen" and has a tearful love affair with Yeon Woo Jin. However, the tragic love story of the two main characters has not been successful with the average ratings about 5.9%.

8. Park Seo Joon

The latest Park Min Young's screen lover is Park Seo Joon, who has success with his previous roles in Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty, Fight for my way or Midnight Runners. With What's wrong with secretary Kim, the guy is shining brightly because of the arrogant but humorous and ridiculous personality. He has a loyal love for his secretary Kim Mi So. 



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