Have you ever imagined catching idols' eyes looking right straight to yours like this?

Nhi Bui, 14-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - You might never know when they will directly look at your camera and shoot a bullet to your weak heart!

As K-pop fans, everyone wants to meet their idols at least once in a lifetime. What is more wonderful is when the idol directly look at you, we bet you would just want to ''freeze'' immediately. If you have captured this unique moment, an old-fashioned phone is also a treasure.


Kai looks straight to the fan's camera and waved at them.

Even when you use a simple mobile phone, Chan Yeol will still come and give you a V-sign!

Fancam by Iridescent Boy master (IB). She owns everything in the world, even Sehun!

Even if you don't meet him, you can just look at the idol as he is looking at you.

The master is also surprised when eye contact with Baekhyun. Teasing fans is also his hobby


V sat down and interacted with fans and giving them a kiss!

Who on earth can stay calm and keep recording the camera when the most handsome man in the world is standing right in front of you like this?

This is such a lucky fan!

If you want to get eye-contact from idols, let's go to their concert. You will never regret this

Jimin always made eye- contact with the fans. If you go to BTS's concert, you will definitely have chance to see Jimin

Fansign is also the ideal place to "date" with idols

You can also enjoy idol's mukbang. Despite appearing cooly on stage, actually RM is the easiest to get shy in BTS

If you want to get Suga's attention, just yell "I'll sue you!" at him!

 J-Hope, the guy is extremely pleased to grant fans. 


Although his manager is sitting there, JB still "flirts" with fans. Certainly no one is happy as AhGaSe

Whether or not he is ''rude'' to fans, Jinyoung always try to interact with all of his fans

Jackson also missed the opportunity to both making eye-contacts and "teasing" fans

Wanna One

Only with one calling: "Seong Woo-ah", he also looks back

Kang Daniel also replies to fans' love.

Did you need to save the world in the past life to have Minhyun waving at you like this?

Jihun's charm makes fans heart-melting.


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