Have you ever fallen in love with RM's aegyos before?

Mai Nhung, 03-01-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Anyway, aegyo is not necessary because he still make the fans fall in love with him by his own attraction.

Different from the serious and cool look of BTS’s leader on the stage, RM’s character is very cute and attractive by deep dimples when he smile. In many moments. when he is asked to to “eagyo” , in spite of being shy, he always try to please others. But it seems that RM was not suitable for aegyo, because he always show his loveliness by cute dimples and bright character.

When all of 7 boys found aegyos so awkward, they have improved so much now, including RM.

RM's Morning alarm clock seems to be “cheesy”and humorous but everybody have to admit: RM had tried his best.

That's right, everyone admired his beautiful dimples so much!

The other members identified RM as BTS ‘s aegyo godfather”, of course,  if he is the best, his style for aegyo will make a huge difference .

During a fansign, trying to become a cute boys in fan‘s eye but he immediately felt wrong so he stopped right away

One more time, he make others “shocked” and not be able to stop laughing by his cute and “cheesy “ aegyo.

His face looks like a small triangle kimbap *jk*

Acting cute with fan's gift - A Pikachu doll 

Bonus: RM's limit of standing his own aegyo is 2 seconds.

But we can include his shyness into being cute, because whenever he's embarassed, the dimples appear clearly which make him look so cute. You don't have to try so hard to do this, Nam Joon. You're already cute!

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