Hani’s (EXID) rival of using feet has been found, surprisingly that is a BTS member!

KawaiiB, 27-05-2018
 If Hani is famous for taking selfie with her legs, then this guy can use his feet to open a candy bag.

In episode 94 of the show "Knowing Brother", BTS was invited to the show and left a long-lasting impression. That is “opening candy bag” challenge between Jin and the main cast.

Jin easily opened each pack of candy in a few second and defeated Kim Young Chul, Lee Soo Geun, Lee Sang Min and Kang Ho Dong. In particular, in the game with Kang Ho Dong, Jin gently opened the package without making any noise, which made Ho Dong mistakenly that he had won.

BTS is the guest star of "Knowing Brother" episode 94

Jin surprised viewers with his extraordinary talent

Hani (EXID) has impressed people with her unique selfie style. It seems that both Jin and Hani are equally good at using … their feet!

Hani's way to take a selfie.

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