Handsome and talented idols that don't get much attention from Kpop fans

Thanhng, 08-03-2018
Who said that Kpop idols just need good appearance to become famous? Looking at the list of these idols below, you will have to think about it.

These male idols own good-looking faces but still don't have any opportunity to shine bright. 

Ooon (Halo)

Debuted for about 4 years but Halo is still a strange name to those who love Korean music. Perhaps because of the the group's popularity so that a handsome idol like Ooon can't develop his singer career. Born in 1993, Ooon is in charge of leader and main dancer. At the same time, he also had an opportunity to appear in the drama "Hwarang".Will Ooon find his glory, not as a singer but as an actor?


Jin Hong (24K)

Compared to Halo, the 24K boygroup is going to celebrate their 6th anniversary this year. 24K has no hits yet, the members of the group to the present are still unknown idols to the public, including the one who take the position of visual of 24K - Jin Hong. In fact Jin Hong is turning 20 years old this year. With his sexy jawline and the perfect appearance like characters in animes, many fan girls will go crazy for him. 


Jae Hyun (NCT)

If talking about NCT's visual, many people will immediately think about Taeyong and forget that the group also has another handsome boy with dimpled cheeks - Jae Hyun. Born in 1997, Jae Hyun brings a warm feeling as the boy next door.


Ro Woon (SF9)

SF9 is not a big name in the Korean music industry, so it is easy to understand when a good-looking idolas Ro Woon can't get many attention from fans. However, the person we are talking about is a young boy (Ro Woon was born in 1996), with a perfect height of 189cm. The talented young man also contributed a small role in the school drama "School 2017". As an idol, Ro Woon deserves more in the future.

Seung Jun (KNK)

Handsome face and height, Seung Jun from KNK has both of them. With the height of 190cm, he is every girl's dream type. However, the boy group just has debuted for 2 years, Seung Jun still has enough time to do something big in the near future. 


Woo Shin (Up10tion)

Obviously, Woo Shin is a pretty boy. He doesn't own an impressive height, but Woo Shin's face receives a lot of attention.However, Woo Shin can't draw fans' attention to be on top. 

Sejun (Victon)

Victon's visual - Sejun not only has a handsome face but also owns powerful voice. He looks sexy on stage while looks super cute with his dimpled cheeks off stage at fan meeting. 

Hojung (HOTSHOT)

This boy is HOTSHOT's maknae. HOTSHOT includes members who took part in "The Unit" and "Produce 101". Hojung ranked 3rd at "The Unit". However, because of the low ratings of the show, Hojung couldn't gain his popularity. 


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