Guess which members are the best cook in different Kpop groups?

Thanhng, 11-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) – Let’s see if your idols are on the list!

When talking about idols’ cooking skills, most of us imagine that they'll cook ramen or some simple dishes that can be cooked by the microwave. Honestly, Kpop idols are really busy with activities and promotions so that they rarely have time to prepare for their meal properly. However, some of Kpop are pretty good at cooking, and impressed their fans and colleagues by their excellent cooking skills.


If you have seen variety show “One Fine Day” of Seventeen, you may know that Mingyu will be on the list. He always proves he can cook on any variety shows. Let’s check out how Mingyu transform fast foods from convenient stores into delicious dishes for a lunch.


Fei (miss A)

The audiences had chance to see Fei’s cooking talent when she joined “Master Chef Korea Celebrity”. Her cooking skills even rival those of professionals.


Jin (BTS)

Because of his passion for food, Jin has learned to cook for himself and his members in the group. He even has his own cooking show named “Eat Jin”. Althought he considers cooking as a hobby, Jin really has the potential to become a professional chief.


Wendy (Red Velvet)

Any Red Velvet’s fans know that Wendy is good at baking cakes. Every cakes that she made as sweet as her personality.


D.O (EXO) 

Having cooked on “EXO Showtime” and hosted his own cooking show on Vlive, D.O. is definitely one of the best chefs of EXO.  He really loves cooking, but doesn’t think of himself as all that good at it. However, most EXO-L’s believe in his talent and think that he should continue to develop this talent.

Soyou (SISTAR)

Thanks to healthy and balanced meals, it is no surprise that former member of SISTAR posseses a perfect body. Soyou cooks for herself in order to take care of her health. Anyone want to try dishes prepared by Soyou? 



Is there anything that Henry cannot do? Not only impressed his fans by the execellent musical and language talents, he also amazed fans with his cooking skills. Let's take a look at the video clip below as he shows off his flashy pan frying techniques just like any professional chiefs at 5-star restaurants.


Taeyong (NCT)

No doubt when NCT members calls Taeyong as the resident mom. If Taeyong does not cook for NCT Dreams member so who will do it? Despite his loss to Jaehyun on the K-food edition of “NCT Life,” we all know that Taeyong has the most experience overall.


Yoona (SNSD) 

YoonA is the girl who loves cooking the most among SNSD members. When participating on food shows on television, YoonA has the chance to show her cooking skills as well as her friendly, loving personalities.


Kim JaeJoong (JYJ)

When seeing Kim Jaejoong preparing a meal for Park Yoochun,  fans were really crazy because of the bond between the two idols. No doubt, Jaejoong is the ideal boyfriend for every girl.


Amber (f (x) )

In the video below, Amber goes to a restaurant and learns how to make burrito.


Jota (Madtowns)

Jota was chosen by MADTOWN members as the best cook in the group. Although Jota had failed with a strange formula once, the other members insisted that the rest of his dishes are really flawless. 


Bitto (UP10TION)

Although all members of UP10TION say that no one in the group is a good chef, they still believe that Bitto is the best man in the kitchen. Equipped with basic knowledge of culinary and sensational taste, Bitto can become a skilled chef in the future for sure. 








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