Great visuals can't help these idols get more fans because they can't see their true talents as singers

SGshinbu, 15-06-2018
In Kpop, even if you're not talented, you must be beautiful at least.

There are idols that aren't beautiful but talented as well as beautiful idols that are incompetent. Kpop fans have recently listed a group of idol group members that each time their names are mentioned, people will only think of nothing else but their looks.

The most controversial group is TWICE

These female idols of JYP are criticized for not having any talents but beauty

TWICE's senior - Suzy

Although Suzy actively works in acting, the goddess of JYP hasn't been recognized as a good actress yet

Of course, there are some SM representatives such as YoonA (SNSD), Irene (Red Velvet), Sehun (EXO) and Taeyong (NCT).

Like Suzy, the beauty of SNSD soon became popular with her acting career but she hasn't been recognized as a good actress

Apart from beauty, no one has discovered any other "talents" from the new goddess of Kpop

The beautiful face makes people forget that Sehun's also one of the main dancers of EXO

"It's Taeyong, thanks to his natural looks that many female fans forget about scamming scandal."

"The boy came out from the comic" Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO) has never been acclaimed on anything other than appearance despite his high academic achievement.

The outstanding beauty also makes ASTRO member extremely pressure

Source: Viet Times


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