GOT7 and their fans are taking a double look: "Look" was almost all-kill on charts for the first time

Nguyễn Ngọc Anh, 14-03-2018
GOT7 and their lovely fancub, Ahgase are enjoying the great achievement and deserved success.

On 12 March, at 18p.m in KST, GOT7 has offically made their comeback with the 8th mini album "Eyes On You" and a title track "Look", which was composed by JB, a talented leader. 

GOT7 is well known as a talented and charming boy group since their first days. Their style of music always look at a mainstream taste with strong, or a fresh and adorable love story, boyfriend next door concept. However, they've never been on top on charts and this made a big question to Kpop fans.

"Look" was a big achievement" - A Kpop fan commented. It held No.1 on the realtime and daily charts of four major Korean music sites and the song has now gone on to reach almost all-kill. "Look"  first achieved No.1 on March 12  and maintains it as of 5 a.m in KST. It also held No.6 on Melon chart. This was the best rank.

"Look" reached No.8 on Bugs chart - it means this song was the first top 10 title track on all Korean charts

GOT7's members sent their message via SNS to share their feeling with Ahgase. 

JB: This was really touching... I was spoiled too much...


JB: Am I just falling asleep and dreaming...


JB: This is what happens when I'm sleeping...


Bambam: Been waiting and waiting for this moment for 5 years


Jackson: I've been watching you guys since the debut...


Mark: Guys, I was so touched... We're gonna get a hit soon... we're working on it so well


Mark: Guys ... this touched my heart ... awesome ...


Mark: ... I couldn't sleep ...


Mark: Is it true.. it's going to be all night with you guys, Ahgase.


Mark: This is all for you, Ahgase!! I couln't believe.. it's just like a dream.. so proud of you. See you on our radio ^^ | GOT7 thank you guys!!


Youngjae: I'm about to cry right now. I should have gone to bad but ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Youngjae: This is true...?

GOT7 released their latest album "Eyes On Me" on March 12 and as of 11a.m. KST on March 13, it has topped over iTunes song charts in 20 regions worldwide, including Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Chile, El Salvador , Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway and Singapore. "Eyes On You" also held No.1 on Worldwide iTunes Album Chart. Notably, GOT7 is the first Kpop artist to specifically top the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart with 2 albums ("Eyes on you" and "7 for7")

By 18 hours after its release, "Look" recorded 5.900.000 views, the most ever for GOT7's achievement. Furthermore, GOT7 sold over 75.000 copies of "Eyes On You" on Hanteo. 

Congratulation both GOT7 and Ahgase!

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