Gif collection of V (BTS) will give you a sweeter Valentine!

LinhLuong, 13-02-2018
'The alien' always has weird actions that no one can hate him.

Not only being one of the most charismatic members of BTS, but also V is becoming popular in the Kpop fan community in general. The fans said that he is very interested in his fans, and at the same time he is too honest.

A female fan wearing a sexy dress to the BTS fan meeting, V told her not to wear that next time, he felt uncomfortable.

A fan asked if he was tall or not, V honestly replied: "No. this is his shoes. During the promotion of ''I Need You'', I only wear padded shoes"

He is the funniest king.

Although he doesn't want, V also makes ''aeygo''  to please his fans. He almost couldn't refuse any fan's requests.

Dispatch is the paparazzi newspaper of Korea, but V always welcomes them. The innocent guy is always friendly to everyone.

Perhaps, he cries for joy!

 In order not to affect the camera as well as colleagues, V has a habit of crouching, bending low while moving on stage.

This is how he moves between squads.

Only just to take a bottle of water!

He called back to consciousness when the micro was nearly broken

He looks like an artful devil!

Can anyone explain what happened that made him so excited?

 V usually creats a naughty game to tease his fans.



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