Four noona-dongseang celebrity couples that end up with a happy ending

Thanhng, 21-01-2018
(KPOPLINE) – Who said that a relationship between a younger man and an older woman cannot have a happy ending? These four Korean celebrity couples below will prove that it wrong.

Jun Sukwon - Baek Jiyoung (with an age gap of 9 years)

OST Queen have got married with actor Jung Sukwon when she was 40 years old in 2013. They have met each other in July, 2010 and in a relationship four months later.

Before the wedding, she revealed that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she could not keep the baby. Until October, 2016, the couple happily announced that they were going to have another baby.  She now has a happy family with husband and daughter.

Song Joongki - Song Hyekyo (with an age gap of 4 years)

The dating rumor of the two stars from drama "The Descendant of the Sun" has had a dramatic impact on the Korean showbiz in the end of 2016. Song - Song couple continued to make fans around the world shock about their wedding announcement

The wedding took place on October 31, 2016, with the participation of the couple’s friends and families.

Sometime, fans spotted the couple walked down streets hand in hand like other couples.

After a year, fans are looking forward to hear good news from Song – Song couple.  

Bi Rain - Kim Taehee (with an age gap of 2 years)

The couple held a wedding ceremony in secret, with the attendance of their families and friends on January 19, 2017. Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee are considered as powerful couples of Korean showbiz.

The couple received a lot of support from fans all over the world.

After four months of wedding, they happily announced that Kim Tae Hee was pregnant with their first child.

Ahn Jaehyun - Goo Hyesun (with an age gap of 3 years)

The couple officially announced their relationship in May, 2016 and had a wedding ceremony right after that. They went on a honeymoon in Japan.

They did not hold a luxurious wedding like other celebrity couples, but donating their money to poor children.

They made everyone get jealous of their love through the “Honeymoon Diary” show on tvN,


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