Foreign idols that can totally rock Korean reality shows with their variety skills

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 26-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Perhaps they can debut as comedians in Korea if they aren’t idols!

Ever since Hallyu wave hits the whole world, more and more foreign idols have debuted in Korea. They can speak Korean as fluently as native speakers and even have the equal sense of humor as famous hosts or even comedians.

Surprisingly, in many groups, foreign idols are the representatives for jokes or even speaking in public. Because of this, many popular TV shows adore those stars a lot, and obviously they are even more prominent than others members.

1. Henry - Super Junior M

Henry Lau. Nationality: Canada.

Henry is originally a Chinese. He joined 'Real Men' of MBC in 2014. His images make audiences laugh out loud. After "Real Men", he also appeared in many other entertainment shows and brings the unique vibe of Henry.

2. Jackson - GOT7

Jackson Wang. Nationality: Chinese

Jackson is also Chinese. He can speak fluently in four languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean. Thanks to his humor and quick responses, Jackson has appeared on many programs. From 'Radio Star' to 'Roommate', he learned a lot of important things, and now Jackson has become a host of many TV shows.

3. Amber - f (x)

Amber Liu. Nationality: American

Amber was known as a member of f(x) before appearing on "Real Men". Thanks to Amber, this show was a success beyond expectations, and now she continues to show her humor in many other entertainment shows. Not only that, the videos she made by her own always make fans laugh out loud.

4. Kangnam - MIB

Namekawa Yasuo. Nationality: Japanese.

Kangnam is an idol from Japan. When he first appeared on Single Life show of MBC, he gained a lot of attention because of his humorous images. Kangnam's uncanny personality brings a lot of laughters to audiences. Now, he has become one of the hottest stars in many television programs.

(Source: Kpopmap)


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