"Flower" Jeon Somi changes through years from a little girl to a trend of beauty!

Vũ Thảo Phương, 11-05-2018
Over three years, Jeon Somi has grown up a lot!

Jeon Somi - JYP Entertainment's little princess has become more and more popular over time, although she just featured on project shows.

Since 2015, Somi first appeared as a JYP trainee on the live show "Sixteen". She left a strong impression with her beautiful face and sunshine smile. Because of that spotlight, Somi quickly earned a lot of fans. Many people were surprised when Somi missed the chance to become a member of TWICE. 

Bright face, cute and young charm of the 15-year-old girl.

The cross-beauty of Somi

Somi continued to join Mnet's hottest program, "Produce 101," competing with 100 trainees to become a part of project girl group IOI. Despite the pressure of being the trainee of a well-know entertainment agency and having a number of fans after "Sixteen", Somi still became the champion of the show.

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 Becoming a trainee for "Produce 101"

Great ending scene

Being sweet as a lady

Top movements.

When being a member of IOI ...

Her appearance is more mature and beautiful

Kết quả hình ảnh cho somi ioi

Kết quả hình ảnh cho kpop jeon so mi whatta men
Sexy and charming in the unit of IOI.

After the disbandment of IOI, Somi joined a follow-up project named "Unnies Slam Dunk". Despite the age difference, she still shows talent, harmony with other older sisters in the group.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Jeon So-mi

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Having many individual activities as well as participating in a variety of project shows, fans are still waiting for the official debut of Somi in a girl group of JYP Entertainment.

The latest image shows us the maturity, optimism of Jeon Somi.

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 She looks cool with this bob hair style

According to rumors, Somi is still practicing at JYP to prepare for the official debut in the near future. Wishing this beautiful girl soon become a great idol! 

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