Find your fortune with most popular male stars through your month of birth

Mai Nhung, 10-03-2018
Which month were you born in? Will you suit Kim Shin in “Goblin” or Heo Joon Jae in “The Legend of the Blue Sea”?

1.January - Ahn Min Hyuk  "Trong Woman Do Bong Soon"

The girl born in January is often very ambitious. She needs a man who can hold a strong girl with a big dream. In contrast, the ambitious personality will motivate that boy to grow more mature and become better person.

Ahn Min Hyuk played by Park Hyung Sik in "Strong Woman Bong Soon" is the good candidate when he defies the power of the main actress to stay with her. He even helped Bong Soon learn how to control her power and give her deep love.

2. February  - Kim Shin 'Goblin'

The guy who doesn't like to change, will fit a girl born in February . They spend a lot of love for the girl who has a liberal spirit and this also creates a sense of confidence.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) in drama "Goblin", falls in love with Ji Eun Tak - a lovely girl and likes freedom. He protected her and was completely subdued before the attractive and strong personality of this girl.

3. March - Heo Joon Jae "The legend of the Blue Sea"

March dedicated to the girls who love to be pampered. Therefore, they will fit the type of person who is gentle and consistent even if she falls to the abyss, that guy still can save her soul to return to normal life.

Lee Min Ho's character, Heo Joon Jae successfully persuaded the audience by the patience to take care of Shim Chung, the mermaid with a childish personality and curious about everything in life of human.

4. April - Cha Jin Wook 'My Secret Romance'

April girl matches a guy who has ambitions and doesn't hesitate to express their aspirations and efforts. He knows what he wants and is willing to show his happinesses when he stands by his lover.

Cha Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) is a perfect symbol for a bad boy but became serious and hardworking after meeting Lee Yoo Mi. He isn't afraid to express his emotions and fight to protect his love.

5. May - Do Min Joon 'You came from the star'

A girl born in May needs a man who can help her a lot. He will give her advice on all aspect, understand her and bring her new experiences.

The main male actor Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) in "You came from the star" - an alien have super great strength, cool look but a warm heart,  always protect Chun Song Yi.

6. June - Kim Je Ha 'The K2'

June is the month of the girls looking for a guy with a sense of humor. This doesn't mean that he is weak, childish, but must protect her as a loyal bodyguard.

Which candidate is better than Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook)? Although Je Ha looks very serious, he also knows how to take care of his lover, make her happy and bring laughter.

7. July - Yoo Si Jin 'Descendants of the Sun'

The girl was born in July suits someone who is sincere and honest. He is the firm shoulders to lean on and share joys and sorrows, especially telling the truth in every situation.

Yoo Si Jin, a soldier played by Song Joong Ki ,  falls in love with doctor Kang Mo Yeon at the first sight and doesn't hesitate to be sincere about his feelings, actively pursues her.

8. August - On Jung Seon 'Temperature of Love"

The girl born in August will suit someone who knows how to make her feel happy and more comfortable in life. The character Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong), younger than the main actress Lee Hyun Soo, but he became her great supporter and the only one to bring peace to her soul.

9.September - Son Oh Gong 'A Korean Odyssey'

The girl who was born in September suits a guy who likes adventure and enjoys new experiences. Nobody can suit to September girl more than Son Oh Gong ( Lee Seung Gi). The "Monkey" King always likes to tease Jin Sun Mi, but he really cares and loves her.

10. October - Sung Han Sung 'Hwarang'

The October girl needs a warm person and can make an impact on her. Su Sung Han Sung (Kim Tae Hyung) is a bright and great model, and always show his love by  the sincere heart.

11.  November- Jung Jae Chan 'When she was slepping'

Someone who can stand by his girlfriend to go to the bottom of Earth - this guy is really for girls born in November. He will always respect the soul, personality and choices of his lover and trust her without any condition. Lee Jong Suk's role as Jung Jae Chan in drama "While you were slepping" is the perfect model in this case.

12. December 12 - Ko Dong Man 'Fight for my way'

The girl born in the last month of the year seems to fit with a simple and sincere love. He should be simple, easy-going and less talkative. Ko Dong Man in drama "Fight for my way" is full of convergence factors, his way of expressesing the love is also gentle, warm.


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