Fans will crush on these female idols after looking at their sweet smiles

Mai Nhung, 13-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Just saw these idols laugh, a tiring day will suddenly be bright again... Let's make the list of the girls who have most lovely smile in Kpop ...

KPOP world always has a "special" attraction is the girls who are beautiful and talented. Not only attracting millions of fans because of the impressive looks and excellent vocals , many female idols also made fans vibrated by their sweet smile.

Here are Top 10 female idols who steal the hearts of fans with the most bright and beautiful smiles in Kpop.

The main vocal of girlgroup Apink - Eunji has never made fans stop paying attention with her bright smile as the sunshine.

CL is a wonderful beauty both inside and outside. Her smile has the ability to brighten up a dark day of the opposite person

"National young sister" since debut until now still attached to pure image. Although 9 years have passed, IU's smile is still warm and gentle as ever.

One of the most talented singer of Korea, Ailee not only shines with talented music but also deeply marks in fans' hearts by her extremely beautiful smile.

Chaeyoung (TWICE) is famous for her sweet smile and lovely dimples.

The beautiful leader of MAMAMOO, Solar strongly impresses fans by her charms.

Black Pink's naughty oldest sister, Jisoo always smiles as if she is thinking something in her head but in reality, she's just feeling overjoyed.

Joy (Red Velvet) always knows how to make people have to crush on her because of bright smile.

When it comes to Hani (EXID), fans will think of the extremely fresh beautiful smile and jokings ignored the image of an idol

Beautiful, kind, sweet, lovely, Tiffany has all that goodness and her smile deserves become one of Kpop's most beautiful smile.


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