Fans went 'crazy' seeing these idols' beautiful long neck

Thanhng, 14-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Not only idols with six packs can lure fans, but also these male idols with their necks can got many fans too.

Joshua (Seventeen)

Joshua impresses everyone with his outstanding lines on his face. And of course his beautiful neck contributes to bring a lot of fan girls for himself and his group. 

Joshua's long neck

...helps him become more sexier .

Mark (GOT7)

As the oldest member and visual in the group, Mark has a lot of impressive features on his body, especially his long and beautiful necks. Pretty eyes, a high nose, red lips and a long neck, Mark won many fans' hearts. 

Many girls and boys in the world are jealous of Mark's neck

 Even his member - Jackson shared that he wanted to have a beautiful neck like Mark

Hyungwon (Monsta X)

With double eyelids, sexy lips and white skin, Hyungwon is one of the most beautiful male idols at the moment. But apart from these features, Hyungwon also owns another "deadly weapon", which is his neck. The slim and long neck makes Hyungwon's face become even more handsome. 

Many people pay attention at his neck

Baekhyun (EXO)

Along with powerful voice, Baekhyun also owns many special points that make fans love him so much, such as beautiful hands, thin lips or his long neck. This "expensive" neck also makes Baekhyun's dance moves look more sexier. 

Baekhyun has a white and beautiful neck

Jin (BTS)

"Mr. Worldwide Handsome" has a long neck that make him look taller. Along with a perfect face, BTS's visual stole many fans' hearts. 

Jin is confident about his look

What do you think about my sexy neck, girls?


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