Fans' gifts are no longer accepted by these idols, not because they don't like them but for this meaningful reason!

SGshinbu, 12-06-2018
The idols look forward to receiving the fans' love, instead of the expensive presents.

1.Xiu Min, D.O, Chen, Lay (EXO)

Recently, XiuMin shared on EXO's official page about not accepting gifts from fans, instead of that, he just wants to take their love. Before, D.O., Chen and Lay all reported on personal page that they would refuse to accept the gifts.

2. IU

On the 20th birthday, IU wrote a letter to all fans who sent her presents, but she also expressed unhappiness about the expensive gifts. Due to their large value, IU will refuse to accept fan's luxury gift.

3. G-Dragon, Tae Yang (Big Bang)

G-Dragon wrote a letter to fans on his 23rd birthday, saying that he would refuse fans' gifts. Instead, he wants everyone to send only their love to him. Similarly, TaeYang, on the 25th birthday, also mentioned the same issue, the love of fan is enough for him.

4. BTS

BTS announced that they wouldn't receive any gifts from fans, instead they would only receive fans' letter.

5. JYP Artists

JYP artists such as Twice and GOT7 aren't allowed to receive gifts from fans except for messages and junk food.

6. Tae Min (SHINee)

On 20th birthday, Tae Min thanked his fans for their support and happy birthday greetings. He also expects fans to spread love and donate gifts to someone who needs it more than him.


Since their debuted in 2012, VIXX hasn't received gifts from fans. They want their fans who had to work hard in order to make money, will send money and gifts to charity instead of donating to them.

8. NCT

SM Entertainment announced when NCT debuted that they won't receive any support from fans including the birthday presents for NCT members.

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