Fans find the 'duo' charms in 'National center' Kang Daniel, the godlike visual covering a 'kiddo' character!

Vũ Thảo Phương, 25-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - From alluring to cute image, all of them makes a perfect Kang Daniel who is always loved by fans.

These differences have made Kang Daniel become more and more special and this is the reason that Kang Daniel is increasingly popular.


In addition to cool eyes on the stage that the fans also heart attacked because Kang Daniel also owns the naive eyes of puppy. Thanks to the possession of two different angles of eyes that Kang Daniel has conquered the hearts of every woman in the world.

Kang Daniel's legendary look is both like a wolf and a puppy

The change in eyes is enough to make fans feel hard to breath.

Ways in standing and sitting

There is not only a difference in his eyes, but even the way he is sitting and standing also shows a huge differences. 

Seated cute with short legs of Kang Daniel

He becomes long-legged oppa when standing

CF advertising

Do you realize these are all the images of Kang Daniel? Although he has to change according to different concepts but Kang Daniel is still shining in his own ways.

Sexy concept

Cute concept

From a small kid to a charming prince image

Kang Daniel is truly a great example for a boy who owns a charming visual but a 'kiddo' character. Unlike the cool image on the stage, the backstage image of Kang Daniel proved himself like a little boy.

Shooting in Boomerang...

becomes lovely version in fansign.

Sexy version of I promise you

and another cute version

Super cool like this..

But actually he is super adorable

The netizens are very excited about this transformation of Kang Daniel

- I like him .. I like him better when he's dancing, very seductive ㅇㅇ

- Boomerang is strong ... hehehehehe

-OMG he transformed miraculously. If you just look at the face, you will see very cute but if you look down you will see a goddess.

source: pann-choa


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