Fans crack up at the Grim Reaper character in BTS's new teaser: Fake Love

KawaiiB, 15-05-2018
At 0 am on May 15th, BTS suddenly released the first official teaser of the theme song Fake Love, which is driving fans crazy with the secret character.


MV teaser Fake Love

With the mysterious style, full of "conspiracy theory" and the details are related to the story in the previous MVs and trailers ... BTS continues to give fans a headache to put together facts, predictions, and messages that the boys gave out. The Ripper in the teaser leaves a frightening impression with his scary faces. However, the Army community cracks up when it comes to the appearance of the Ripper, which is very similar to Jungkook's appearance this morning at the airport. Is this an implication here?

The mysterious black Death character.

And here's Jungkook at the airport on the way to LA.

He wore a mask and black hoody. Fans can hardly see anything except for his hands.

This comparison cracks fans up so bad

In addition to the first teaser, BTS also revealed the entire track of the album Love Yourself: Tears. They will be officially come back on May 18, debuting Fake Love on the Billboard Music Awards.

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