Fans can never forget the times haters exceeded the limit, hurting idols by laser attacks

Nhi Bui, 21-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Sometimes, anti fans disturb Kpop idols by beaming red lasers during their performances

Being an idol, means that you have to face with many anti fans. Bad things that are beyond the control can leave the idols vulnerable. These haters always make true fans and the public feel angry about their dirty tricks. The evidence is that many idols have been suffered from anti-fans attack of pointing lasers in idols' eyes. Many people criticize this "joke" because the laser can cause some damage the eye cells, leading to temporary or severe blindness.


At a fanmeeting, Jiyeon (T-ara) looked puzzled because of lasers pointer from the audiences. Though she tried to avoid it but the laser beamer still pointed directly into her eyes. 

It seemed like Jiyeon already knew it was from an anti-fan, so she immediately showed her attitude and pointed her hand to that person.


Anti-fans attacked SEVENTEEN members by shooting lasers during their performance on a music show. 

They still had to smile and continued their performance. 


Jisoo (Blackpink) was also a victim of this dirty joke. It happened when Blackpink was filming for a weekly music show - where only the official fans can come in to.

Lasers pointed straight into her eyes


At a concert in China, some of anti-fans beamed lasers into EXO members' eyes, making EXO-Ls worry a lot about their idols. 

Kai, Baekhyun...

and Chanyeol


IU was once attacked from anti-fans with lasers when she came to a festival at an university. However despite all of it, she still completed her performance. 


Fans are angry when they discovered that I.O.I and DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon was attacked by a laser pointer.  

Chaeyeon tried her best to complete the performance


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