Fans are willing to fall hard for these male idols because of their stunning appearance, NU'EST W's Baekho is included in this list!

The Hien Luong, 30-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - These guys don't need to do anything, fans willingly do everything for them!

In K-pop industry, along with talent and personality, appearance is one of the most indispensable factors. The standard of beauty is rising gradually that makes entertainment companies eagerly search for the beautiful candidates than ever. Recently on Pann forum, Korean netizens have voted male idols with a lot of 'eol-bbas' (a person who falls for someone's visuals) among K-pop boy groups, and you won't be surprised to see these names:


Leader Suho - who is considered to have the golden ratio face

Chanyeol with the perfect appearance and beautiful face that meets the Korean standard 


Just the title of "the most handsome face of 2017" is enough to know how the appearance of V is.

The visuals of BTS - Jin makes many hearts of fanboys and fangirls flutter

Wanna One

Ong Seongwoo's "actor" face makes many people can't resist his appearance

The beautiful small face of Bae Jinyoung is his most attractive feature


Jaehyun's face makes everyone jealous

Taeyong is dubbed the "manga prince" among idols


The non-sex beauty of Ren has become a hot topic across social networks since his debut

Baekho, on the other hand, possesses a masculine, mature visuals


 Vernon has helped Seventeen attract a lot of fans

Both talented and handsome, no wonder why Mingyu is so outstanding

Korean netizens seem to extremely agree with this list because they are also "victims" of these male idols' visuals:



- Thank you for mentioning our tiger and bunny prettily, please give them more interest!


- Amazing faces..

- Best face ㅋㅋ

Source: Feng Feng/ Pann-choa


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