Fans angry at MC who made the crowd shout ‘service’ after TWICE performs

Hoàng Thị Linh, 14-05-2018
On May 11, TWICE performed at Sungkyunkwan University for the university students.

Fans are angry at the MC Lee Jeong Pyo for making the crowd scream ‘service’ instead of ‘encore’ after TWICE performed.

After TWICE performs multiple of their hit songs to the university students and went off stage, the crowd was chanting ‘encore’, where the artist is called to the stage to repeat or perform an additional stage for the crowd.

The MC tells the audience to quiet down and to instead to shout ‘service’.

‘Twice came to Sungkyunghwan University festival and after their performance was over and they went down, since people start shouting encore the MC told them to be quiet “ㅋㅋ Everyone Twice won’t come out if you shout encore, you have to shout ‘service’ for them to come outㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” is what the MC told people to do. F*cker ‘

Service is something you ask at a bar and also means to give extra free items usually used at restaurants in Korea. 

Many netizens found the word ‘service’ disrespectful and belittling TWICE after performing multiple songs for them.

"Why service Service??who is the mc..?

   >> It’s announcer Lee Jeong Pyo(이정표 아나운서) "

"Does service has a bad meaning??

  >> It’s used in places like bar…

  >> Hul Service is a word commonly used at bar which is why it’s a little…. I’m angry… "

"Huh???? I’m a student there but I only saw the performance right before Twice, during Hong Jinyoung performance all shout encore but since she has to go she only sung one song but they do that only to Twice??????"

"I didn’t see the ending why was it like that?????"

"Wah it really has such meaning?? Saying service out of nowhere."

"Why is it like that really, it can be seen that the MC’s level is low, did Twice go to the festival just to hear that? Our girls didn’t go there to listen to that though.."

"Even if it’s not a word commonly used at bar, towards a refined artist there’s a word like encore so just the fact that he used the word “service” made me angry."

"They were shouting encore but was stopped and told to shout service instead, his intent is very clear."

Source: Kpop Viral 

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