EXOLs fall for EXO Suho`s long-time-no-see blonde hair yet again in his new movie trailer

Hoàng Thị Linh, 10-05-2018
Trailer " Middle school girl A" released has surprised EXO's fans.

The teaser for Suho's long-awaited movie, 'Middle School Girl A,' has finally been released!

Back in 2017, Suho has been confirmed for the film and he has been filming it since October last year. Almost after one year, fans have now finally been able to get a sneak peek of the movie.

'Middle School Girl A' is a webtoon-based film which focuses the story on Jang Mirae (played by Kim Hwanhee), who is a middle school student. She is an introvert and thinks too much. She is also addicted to video games. Jang Mirae slowly learns about the world and begins to connect with other people. According to reports, Suho will play a young man in his 20s, named Jaehee.

In the teaser, fans can see a glimpse of Suho, smiling straight to the camera, with his bright blonde hair -- something that will definitely make fans' heart weak! It's indeed been a while since the last time fans saw Suho in bright-toned hair.

If you want to see Suho in the full film, you need to wait for its premiere this June, fellas! 


Source: Kstarlive



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