EXO-Ls and their special caring ways that many times has impressed EXO

Mai Nhung, 18-01-2018
(KPOPLINE) – EXO-L is one of the biggest KPOP fan communities in Asia at present and their love for idols is also very funny and different compared to other groups ‘ fandoms.
  1. Creating funny slogans in concert

At EXO’s concert in Taiwan - EXO PLANET # 2 , EXO'luXion in Taipei has gained much attention on the way they expressed love for their idols. One of the most special ways to express their love is arranging the red highlight on a yellow background with the content: "Give us a kiss!"

"Please, kiss our cheeks! “

2. Bringing stuffed animals into the concert

When the boys were performing on stage,  fans were ready to bring in large stuffed animals such as Larva to impress their idols.

 Large bug Larva on the stage

3. Strange slogans

EXO’s fans usually troll them by their strange slogans. The banner in this picture wrote: "Chanyeol, please cry".

"Chanyeol ah, please cry ! " 

Or "Baekhyun ah, Let me see your stomach ! "

4. Teasing their idols by old photos

This is one of the most effective method to attract EXO's attention. Fans take advantage of the most impressive images, such as: Kai's staggering hair, Sehun's frown face, Chanyeol's pretty image when transforming into a girl or Chen's serious expression , then printing into handmade fans and bring them to the group's concert. 

All of EXO boys see their photos 

Chanyeol must have been used to this so his face looks even a little satisfied.

In addition to familiar reactions of waving or laughing ... ,  EXO boys seemed to be excited to show others all these trolling photos.


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