EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN - Top 3 Kpop male group that have different awesome dance styles

The fans have a headache for not knowing whether EXO, BTS or SEVENTEEN are the best dance groups.

EXO - Controlled and powerful choreography

(EXO practice "Monster")

EXO's choreography has very well conveyed the concept of the song and shown a lot of emotion. These movements require very high concentration to be achieved. Actually, EXO's moves are not too hard, but they know how to create their own moods, the group's dance moves are amazing.

Referring to EXO's choreography, Kai who performed the dance routines and was extremely powerful. Kai's expression during the performance is also great.

BTS - Sophisticated and subtle dance

(BTS training "Blood Sweat & Tears")

Usually, every 4 rhythm, other idols will perform 3 moves, but that number with BTS is 7. And each move is very difficult and complicated. They use mainly feet. If there is someone who can perform BTS dance, then it is definitely a good dancer.

When refering to each member's fancam, J-Hope will be the first choice. BTS members can perform a series of difficult moves that still look very supple and flexible.

Seventeen -The flexibility of choreography 

(SEVENTEEN Practice ''Don't Wanna Cry'')

SEVENTEEN's performances often make the audience very excited by the great energyof the group.

SEVENTEEN's main dancer is definitely Hoshi. As the choreographer for the group, Hoshi always expresses each movement. While he danced, Hoshi's bones seemed to be broke that made his movements look creative.

Looking at the choreography of all three groups is hard to define the win.

"EXO is very good at controlling dance so they are of stuff , BTS performs perfectly dancing and SEVENTEEN can not find a defect.They are dancing as if broken bones. To recognize all of them even unique"

"J-Hope was not the main dancer, but he did very well to be the centerpiece of Mic Drop''

 "I really hope the three groups will have a combined stage at the year-end awards ceremony."

"Kai - J-Hope - Hoshi is definitely the top 3 of good dancers."




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