Exiting from the Prince image from the last project, Park Bo Gum in talks to play lead role as a “Boyfriend” in new drama

Hoang Anh Phuong, 16-05-2018
Park Bo Gum is in talks for another drama!

On May 16, a media outlet reported that the actor had been cast as the lead of a new drama, “Boyfriend” (literal translation).

“Boyfriend” is about a woman who seems like she has everything in the world and an ordinary man who’s the complete opposite and seems like he has nothing. With them just wanting at least one day where they lead similar lives, the drama focuses on the question of whether its more difficult to give up wealth and honor or a normal lifestyle. The script is by Yoo Young Ah, who was the scriptwriter for dramas like “Bel Ami” and “Entertainer,” and films like “Take Off 2” and “My Annoying Brother.”

A source from Blossom Entertainment clarified, “It’s true that he has received an offer to appear in the drama ‘Boyfriend.’ However, it’s just one of the dramas that he has received an offer for, and he is currently considering it. Nothing is confirmed as of now.” They added that to their knowledge, the drama’s broadcast schedule and director have not been finalized either.

The production company in charge of the drama Bon Factory also explained, “It’s true that we approached Park Bo Gum about ‘Boyfriend.’ However, [his casting] is not yet confirmed.’

Park Bo Gum has been offered the role of Kim Jin Hyuk, a simple, ordinary person who is looking for a full-time career as he takes on various part-time jobs. As he keeps getting rejected from companies worthy of his envy, he takes the money that he earned from his part-time jobs and jets off on an overseas trip he’s been planning for a year. During his travels, he meets a special woman.

If he confirms, this will be Park Bo Gum’s first drama since KBS2’s “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” in 2016. He is also currently in talks for SBS’s upcoming drama “People of Incheon Airport” (literal translation).

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Source: Soompi

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