Ex-Trainee of SM Entertainment revealed the real story about the agency... it shocks everyone!

Nhi Bui, 16-05-2018
The former trainee revealed how difficult it is to be trained under SM Entertainment.


Revealing the story with anonymously, the ex-trainee gave the details of the struggles he/she experienced back then. The former trainee started, "It was very hard and everything is very strict. If you are late or break any rule, you have to run around the practice room while singing 10 times. When you train your vocal, you sing while doing sit-ups to improve your muscle." 

The ex-trainee continued, "If you do something wrong, you have to write about your wrongdoings and you are prohibited to train until you can explain your wrongdoings in detail. They also teach you how to behave."

There were also rules about your body. The former trainee said, "They will check your body fat percentage every month."

He/she continued, "There is meditation session. During the meditation, you have to sit for one hour straight and you cannot even open your eyes." The former trainee said, "They teach you piano instrument, and you have to be able to guess the note. Everything is scheduled and there is a lot of homework. It's easier to go to school for 30 years."

The ex-trainee revealed, "I could not stand it and I quitted. I really wanted to go to school, eat, and play with my friends. I cried a lot back then. I consulted my condition a lot at that time but they said that I could simply quit if I wanted to do so."

He/she ended, "I used to think that become a singer is only a way for me and I felt like I would die if I cannot realize it. However, after I quitted, I didn't feel so. I feel much better now. It's been a while since I quitted but I definitely cannot forget it." 

Source: Kstarlive

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