"Evil Maknaes" - a strong force that were born to "embarass" their hyungs

Nguyễn Phương Hoa, 22-12-2017
(KPOPLINE) - Don't let the seductive appearance of these boys fool you. In fact, they are truly the "worst" pranksters in idol groups!

Regarding to idol maknaes, you will probably think of their cute images and them being protected by their brothers. In fact, they are the "bosses", who often make their hyungs feel so "embarassed". They not only talks bad about their brothers but also give their fans a hard time to find out how to save their "cute image" on TV shows.

1. Sehun - EXO

Although Sehun is the youngest maknae of EXO, he always embarasses his hyungs by his actions on TV or reality shows.

Suho gets addicted to Sehun's weird dance

Sehun's expression while watching the movie " Miracle in Cell No.7" - which is famous for its sad and touching atmosphere

Even in the movie "EXO next door", Sehun also "slays".

2. Jung Kook - BTS

The golden maknae of BTS also has a lot of funny expressions on television. Cookie-ah, please stick to your cute and naiive image!!!

Jung Kook, wake up!! This is "Show Champion"!

Do you know a face that looks more excited than his?

He uses socks as a microphone.

Do not hesitate to show off the sexy dance of "Up and Down".

3. Choi Min Ki - NU'EST W

Choi Min Ki is known as the maknae of NU'EST W. He has also gained many attentions through Produce 101 season 2. Everytime he appears on TV, he makes fans laugh constantly.

Choi Min Ki does a free style dance.

And that's what he does when Aron hyung tries to stop him!

In Produce 101 season 2, he also acted to confirm his wide shoulders.

4. Seungri- Big Bang

Seungri is the representative for idols of the second generation. Big Bang's maknae also make fans so "ashamed" on television.

Don't ever forceSeungri to ride on a rollercoaster, you cruel people!

Seungri does Gwiyomi.

Why do we laugh when he is crying??

Please bring Seungri back to his planet immediately.

5. Sung Jae- BTOB

The youngest boy of BTOB, Sung Jae is never afraid to show his 'weird' character on television. With the bright spirit, he is willing to "give up on" his visual to bring laughters in every TV show he joins.

Eating is the best thing.

Please stop immediately Sung Jae. This image will follow you for the rest of your life. 

Remember that time when he thought his uncle has died? Savage boy!

6. Dino - Seventeen

The youngest boy of Seventeen Dino is extremely cute with a facial expression. He has attracted a lot of fangirls, but when appearing on the show, it is so "speechless".


You have to cover your mouth when you are surprised, Dino.

No one play with me.

However, when two of these maknae cooperate, it will be so cool.



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